Quality Aluminum Wire Manufacturers‎ and Suppliers

Aluminum wires are popular for their cheap, light weight and better conduction property. Even to join the metal with copper is very difficult as both these are dissimilar that shows the property of galvanic corrosion in presence of electrolyte which makes the conduction unstable over time. Aluminum is such a metal that is being used almost everywhere in the electrical industry whether an electrician needs to bind motors, high voltage line (HVL) wiring or power line connecting a circuit box.

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It is a light and strong, anti-corrosive, highly conductive, malleable, compact and odorless, non-flammable and recyclable substance. One of the major reason for involving such a useful metal in the list of green metals is that its wires requires minimal energy to recycle and loses none of its properties during the recycling process. Aluminum is available in abundance on our earth which makes it an easier and better option compare to copper. With time and advancement in technology the use of metal has increased and many new researches have shown much improved results.

Safe for building and home wiring

It is an excellent conductor material serving to house wiring, power grids or power wiring in an aircraft. Although it is lighter than copper (about one third of density) which makes it cheaper and easier to use for installation.

Efficient for electrical applications

Better quality aluminum wires have a light-weight, high strength, recyclable, cheap and above all there use as wiring to equipments or machines result in better output. Whether house wiring, transformer windings or high voltage overhead lines, the metal has been very efficient to all the applications.

Foil Windings

Aluminum wires are stated as best for foil winding of capacitors whether they are of small size to be used in light fittings or large power capacitors. Foil windings are also used in the manufacturing of transformer windings, reactors and solenoids.


The lightweight property of wires make it suitable for overhead lines and pole-mounted transformer windings, as the metal doesn’t react with transformer oil and further formation of metal sludge.


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