Buy PVC Coated Wires from Rajasthan Electric

PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride. It comes in two forms: rigid and flexible. Rigid PVC is generally used for construction of pipes as well as windows and doors. Doors and windows made of PVC are built to last. They have excellent durability and can easily bear the harsh weather and unpredictable climate changes.

Flexible PVC is used in manufacturing of electrical cable insulation, garments, shoes, and other applications where it replaces rubber.

Wire rope generally comes with a “bright” or uncoated finish but can be coated with zinc, nylon, L.D. and P.V.C etc for special purpose. It is important to note that the material you choose to coat your wire can have a bearing on certain characteristics and breaking strength of the wire.

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Some of the important points to take into consideration before going for PVC coated wires are as following:

Length of the wire

This is an important aspect that requires careful consideration. Too long a length will have an adverse effect on coiling which may lead to premature rope failure and subsequent wastage. Too short a rope will neither serve its purpose nor last its full life.

Minimum breaking load

As the name suggests, it is the load at which the rope will break. This is important as you will like to have a wire after carefully assessing its use and the load it will have to bear.

Area of application

This is an important parameter that can greatly help buyers not well versed with the functioning of different types of wire ropes. Specifying how and where you intend to use it can help suppliers to come up with the best combination of properties.

Rajasthan Electric is a high quality manufacturer and supplier of industry grade PVC coated wires. Wires manufactured in its world class manufacturing facilities using premium quality metal and PVC combines the best of strength, durability and quality.


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