Bare Copper Wire Ideal for Grounding Purposes

Electrical energy is among the most significant sources of energy in the current times. It is owing to technological and industrial advances that are visible in the last century. Wires and cables were made up in bulk since they are used immensely in the transmission of energy.

Among the most frequently used wires in manufacturing businesses or personal households is the bare copper wire and the other is tinned copper wire. These are the 2 types of wires that do not possess insulators. Nevertheless, these wires are coated with tin to protect the strands from breaking. These wires are also non-corrosive. All these wires are sold in diverse tempers and variety sizes. Despite this it can be bought in solid type or stranded or in soft or hard wired. Furthermore, these wires can be purchased by meters or spool.

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Uses of Bare Copper Wire

• Solid bare copper wire is much used for grounding objectives in the wire as well as cable industry.

• Copper happens to be electrical conductor in several types of electrical wiring. Copper wire is generally put into use in power generation, power distribution, electronic circuitry, power transmission, telecommunications and several kinds of electrical equipment.

• Copper and the alloys of bare copper wire are even used in making electrical contacts.

• Electrical wiring in all the buildings is a very significant market for copper industry.

• Approximately half of mined copper is used to create electrical wire and different cable conductors

• Other industries which use thicker sizes of bare copper wire are for art projects or hangers for the basket.

Always bear in mind that there are countless kinds of 24 AWG wire but they are all created from a part of solid copper. They are available in the market from economical to expensive and you can choose one as per your requirement.


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