Source Tinned Copper Wires from Established Manufacturers

Copper is a highly efficient conductor of heat and electricity. Its exceptional current carrying capacity along with its excellent thermal conducting properties helps copper find widespread usage in various industries and applications.

A ductile and malleable metal with high anti-resistant properties , copper is extensively used in building constructions, electronic product manufacturing, power generation, electrical wires, power transmission, roofing and plumbing, heating and cooling systems, and telecommunication links used every day in homes and businesses among others.

Once the wires of various dimensions are drawn from copper, it may be further processed using tin, which produces tin coated copper wires. Tin copper wire manufactures produce tin coated copper wires using either hot dipping or electroplating method. In hot-dipping strands of copper are dipped into hot tin whereas in the second method rectifier and electrical charge are used for the production of tinned copper wires.

We shall now look at some of the important benefits of copper tinned wires and see why they should be sourced from established tin copper wire manufacturers.

Copper by itself is a highly efficient conductor of electricity. A large number of electrical wiring and works finds its current running through a copper wire or cable.

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Copper’s great conductivity properties are further boosted when it is plated with tin by well-known and experienced tin copper wire manufacturers. It further augments copper’s current carrying properties and adds considerable amount of years to its life. It is estimated that a tinned copper wire on an average lasts around 12 times more than bare copper wire.

Copper is also highly revered for its excellent anti-corrosion properties. Tinned copper wires as such sourced from reputable tinned copper wire manufacturers find widespread usage in manufacturing of marine machines and equipment as they can easily resist high humidity and moisture content. Another important thing to note is that copper’s corrosion resistant property declines at higher temperatures. A tin coating under such circumstances proves to be valuable for protecting the wire at higher temperatures.


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