Why make use of PVC Coated Copper Wire

Wiring is transmission of electricity via insulated conductors and in this way power is actually supplied in buildings or other areas. There are numerous wiring codes which you need to stick to prior to manufacturing of wires in order to guarantee protection from electric shocks. The color codes give a layman an idea about the kind of wires. There are manifold factors on which wiring depends such as power consumption by intended user, national plus local regulations, environment within which wiring ought to be done and lot more.

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About PVC Coated Copper Wire                    

PVC coated copper wires are particularly utilized for electrical connections installed in residences, commercial places and industries. These wires are accessible in diverse colors, diameters, lengths and current ratings. You must use the best quality copper and must be further layered with PVC especially for protection. You can also get PVC coated copper wire at quite reasonable price range.

The product range of these wires incorporates Super Enamelled (8Swg to 43Swg) and Cross sectional area (3 to 75 sq mm width 3 to 20 mm thickness 1 to 5 mm) along with modified Polyster, H (180) Enamel covering and F (155).

Features of PVC Coated Copper Wire

  • Outstanding insulation
  • Elevated elongation
  • Security from electrical shocks

Assessment of PVC Coated Copper Wire by Neutron Activation Analysis

Let’s have a look at the comparison:

The two different lengths of PVC coated copper wire were compared with neutron activation analysis so as to ascertain whether they had common origin. The non-destructive analysis of copper wire demonstrated the same trace elements i.e. gold, silver, antimony and cobalt (in same concentration level) in every exhibit. The results were then compared with results of analysis of 13 samples of copper wire from different origins. Apart from this, the insulating plastics that sheathed the wires were as well analyzed and evaluated. Then qualitative match of plastic coatings were made in terms of 8 trace elements.


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