How PVC Coated Copper Wire increases Safety?

PVC coated copper wire has many advantages over bare copper wire. Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC is used on the wire for insulation purpose, thereby minimizing the risk of fire hazards. Therefore, utility of PVC coating on copper wire can be summarized in a single word and that is enhancement of safety measures. In fact, that’s the reason why it is widely used in electronics and electrical domains.

How PVC Coating increases Safety Measure of Copper Wires?

Nowadays, electrical wiring either uses copper wires or copper alloy. If the electrical wiring is not done properly, the risk for fire increases. This is where efficacy of PVC coating on copper wire comes handy as it helps in insulation of wire. Now, let’s understand the way how coating of Polyvinyl Chloride enhances safety measure.

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If a PVC coated copper wire catches fire, it starts releasing fumes of hydrochloric acid (HCL). Chlorine helps in elimination of free radicals, thereby delaying catching of fire. PVC coating also preserves power wires from water and moisture, increasing their efficacy and longevity.

Safety and Other Features of PVC Coated Copper Wirings

• These wires help in protecting people from all kinds of electrical shocks.
• PVC coated copper wires have high elongation property and that’s why they are used as fences too.

Other Uses of Copper Wires with PVC Coating

These kinds of coated wires are increasingly being used not only in electrical domains but also as fences in industrial areas and tennis courts. Its ability to sustain in harsh weather conditions is one of the main reasons of its use in fencing private areas. Due to anti-corrosive nature, these wires last much longer than simple iron, aluminum, or copper wires.

Rajasthan Electric Industries or BRITEX has carved its name in the cables and wiring industry for manufacturing highest quality PVC coated copper wire that challenges the harshest environmental conditions.


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