Extensive Usage Of Bare Bunched Copper Wires In Leading Industries

Bare bunched copper wires are now used in all leading industries such as Aerospace industry, cockpit circuit machinery submarines, electrical and electro mechanical circuits.


Bare bunched copper wires have high electromagnetic properties

Bunched Copper wires are wound in the form of concentric loops and thus retain the electromagnetic properties. The bunched copper wires can also be looped around an ion rod or a wooden rod. This depends on the nature of the application. The cable memory is another important aspect of bunched copper wires, which make them the best products in the industry. Bare bunched copper wires can be also looped in the form of semi-concentric arcs and half-frame arcs. This helps in keeping all-important properties intact. This form also helps to save precious resources as well as inventory space.

Bare bunched copper wire has no impurity

The bunched copper wires are designed is such a way that they have minimum impurity with less than even 0.003 percent. The physical and electrical properties of the bare bunched copper wire are thus automatically enhanced. Important Segments in the aerospace industry including space shuttles, radio transmission devices in space station and maritime engineering are making use the comprehensive package of bunched copper wires. Important properties such as durability, malleability and ductility are tremendously enhanced with alloying.

Bare bunched copper wires are high performing

Leading manufacturers are making bare bunched copper wires exclusively with the main objective to provide the highest degree of accuracy as well as zero interference. Bare bunched copper wire has excellent properties, which enable them to give high performance even in harsh climates and corrosive mediums.

Leading manufacturers etch the standard markings and hologram effects on the insulation sheaths in order to highlight the diameter, tolerance levels, and insulation of the bunched copper wires. The date of manufacturing is also marked out on the pack of copper wires.