What Makes Copper Foil So Valuable?

Among non-ferrous metals, copper is considered by many as an extremely versatile metal. It holds strong appeal in a huge range of varied industrial applications. Copper has been in great demand in the recent years, especially in the field of electronic products, such as IT devices, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc.

How Copper Foil is fabricated

There are two methods in which copper is converted into copper foil. These are:

•  Rolling

•  Electrodeposition

Rolling can be done using three different kinds of equipment – hot rolling mills, foil mills, and cold rolling mills. In electrodeposition, some treatments are also done that slow down the oxidation of copper.

At home

Copper is used rather rarely in household products. This is because aluminium foil has replaced it due to features such as better flexibility and resistance to heat. However, copper foil still persists in many applications in both the home and the industries since it has many features that aluminium cannot match.

Copper foil is also used in electrical appliances. Most of the foil offered in the market is made according to the set international standards where the content of copper is 99.99%. One side of this foil is treated with an electrodeposited finish that has an ensured enhanced high temperature elongation property. The foil’s micro structure is thermally stable and it has a high resistance to oxidation.

Most copper foils have the general composition of 0.1 mm thickness, up to 360 mm minimum width, and weight is per feet in kilograms.

Some other areas where this foil is used are transformer connectors, bus bars, control panels, and in equipment used for power transmission. It is also used for earthing protection in LT and HT electric panels.

Used in stained glass art

It is in the stained glass industry that copper foil has a major role. Here it is used to join two pieces of colored glass together. How this works is colored glass pieces are cut and placed into a design that is to be glued together later. Now, adhesive copper tape is wrapped around the edges of the glass pieces and these are soldered to strongly bond these pieces. All these pieces are thus joined to create a stained glass work of art that lasts for years.

Due to being light in weight and for its excellent glass bonding property, not only is it used for creating beautiful stained glass artwork, it is also used for repairing windows and making new ones. Soldered copper forms an almost indestructible bond that helps windows to last for a long time.

Sometimes, copper foil is also utilized in preserving and protecting certain household products and chemicals around the house. However, as mentioned before, the use of copper has lessened since aluminium is more in use nowadays, especially in households.


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