The Best Uses Of Copper Wire

Copper and its alloys are used in a huge variety of ways, right from common household wiring to marine vehicles. This is because copper has several excellent properties that make it so valuable in many industries.
Some of these are:

•    Malleability

•    Resistance to corrosion

•    Conductor of electricity

•    Ductility

•    Solderability

Many forms of copper such as solid or stranded bare copper wire, copper wire cables, and plated copper wire are manufactured by leading manufacturers, such as Rajasthan Electric Industries, today and are used in a staggering variety of industries, such as electrical, transport, construction, and more. The best part is that not all uses of copper are for conducting electricity and thus it is quite a useful and valuable metal.

The best uses of copper in wire form

These are:

Running electrical currents in buildings – right from small fixtures to major appliances, copper wires are used to carry electricity. They are considered the best since they are corrosion resistant and extremely durable. Finely twisted copper wires are utilized in ADSL and HDSL wiring for LANs.

Making jewelry pieces – this metal is a favorite of jewelry makers. They love its color and flexibility. It doesn’t corrode and makes the jewelry last longer.
For Deep-water fishing – it is used as the fishing line on the back of its ability to sink and its strength.

In land and marine vehicles – copper has heat and water resistant properties, which make it the ideal choice in the automotive industry.

In printers and fax machines – copper wire cables are used as F-connectors in TVs. Also, they are used to connect computers to printers and fax machines.

These are just a few good uses of copper wire. This metal is a hot property indeed and copper wire prices are considered as the indicator of economic health in the investment community.