Copper Wires: The Extreme Advantage

Copper possesses the highest electrical conductivity of all metals, except silver. It is this property that makes it the favorite in the world of electricity. Copper wires are everywhere, from commercial and industrial wiring to residential wiring. Copper has proved to be an ideal and cost effective electrical conductor. It can decrease energy losses manifold and provides high energy efficiency.

Copper and its alloy are important for electrical applications thanks to their physical and mechanical characteristics. Do you know annealed copper’s electrical conductivity at 20 degree Celsius is regarded as the standard measure to which conductivity of all other metals is compared? Its arbitrary value is 100 per cent IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard).

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Copper has high electrical conductivity. It means that it can transmit power load through a smaller conductor than that required by other metals. This is an important advantage.

Smaller conductor means lesser expense in insulation and in armoring and shielding cables. The smaller the size of conductor, the easier it is to transport and install and the greater the cable flexibility. It’s like everything falling into place when you use copper wires.

 Copper cables

It is easier to join copper cables, as, unlike other metals, no hard non-conducting oxide film is present on the surface of copper. Copper does form an oxide film, but it is thin, adherent to the surface, and conductive to electricity. So, it poses no harm to copper wire’s functionality.

You may find copper wirings that use single-conductor connections in buildings. This is due to high creep resistance of copper. This, again, poses an advantage, as copper wire does not deform easily in spite of constant “load” and “no load” conditions. This is what creep resistance is about.

Silver copper wire

At times, copper wires are plated with silver. This gives them a beautiful shine and luster. Such wires are lesser prone to degrade, which means they offer higher corrosion resistance than simple copper wires. Such wires promise high durable and conductive functions.

Even when silver copper wire tarnishes, which happens after a long time, it conducts electric power as efficiently as before. Tarnishing only makes the wire look less shiny. It poses no problem to electric conduction.

Silver copper wires find a wide usage. They are used in music appliances, radio cable wirings, and more. You can get them in varied voltage ratings. This means you can use such wires in appliances that offer high energy. You need not worry about weak electric transmissions and other such issues.

It is important to use high quality wires and cables. Copper is the best material for wiring; but if the quality is mediocre and if the process of production is not up to the mark, the metal fails to deliver benefits up to its potential. That’s why you must choose only reputable manufacturers of copper wire. Names like Rajasthan Electric are among the top in this regard. They market their products under the brand name “BRITEX.” They offer a variety of wires, cables, strips, and other products for the electrical industry.


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