Qualities of an excellent Submersible Winding Wire

There are many manufacturers and suppliers of superb quality cables and wires, such as Submersible Winding Wire, copper wire, Glass wire, and more in the market. Many of them go the extra mile and customize their wires as according to the client’s wishes or requirements.

The Submersible Winding Wire is used widely in the pump industry. The leading manufacturers use first grade raw material to make these wires. For example, they use 99% pure, oxygen-free, ETP copper rods along with the best quality polypropylene tapes. As a result, the end product is far superior to its peers produced using inferior materials.

Qualities of the wire


If you are seeking the best Submersible Winding Wire for your needs, here are some aspects that you should keep in mind:

  1. The wire must be manufactured on the most advanced machines available in the industry.
  2. Since these wires have to undergo friction, abrasion or temperature variations, they must have excellent mechanical, electrical, chemical and thermal properties that would make them sturdy enough to deal with these issues.
  3. Insulation is a must since that would add significantly to the tensile strength of the wire, especially at points of excessive stretching.
  4. To manage winding resistance issues, go for a wire with lesser overall diameter. This will cut down on the resistance and the motor will be easier to wind. That would also lead to lower running costs.
  5. For durability, it would be better to go for wires that are tear-resistant.
  6. Wires with BOPP and polyester insulation are difficult to cut through. Also, they are able to sustain general abuse without losing out on productivity or effectiveness.
  7. PVC insulated submersible winding wires are impervious to extreme temperatures. These are range from -60 to 135 degrees Celsius.

Simple winding wires are usually used in the electric equipment industry for transformers, capacitors, etc. But submersible winding wires are mainly used in domestic submersible water pumps and irrigation pumps. Most manufacturers test their wires on various stringent parameters to ensure that the end product is flawless, and is extremely durable as well.

Yet another type of wire is fiber glass wire, which is mainly used in electric devices, such as heaters, etc.

Most manufacturers offer a wide range of these cables and wires. These are flexible wires, with tremendous tensile strength, along with abrasion resistance. They also have higher cut-through.

Some qualities of these wires are:

  • Superb longevity
  • Robustness
  • Fine finish
  • Easy installation
  • Accurate dimensions
  • Crack resistance

They can easily carry a load of 300V, along with sustaining temperatures as high as 350 degrees Celsius.

These fare pretty well in areas of high durability and extremely high overload capacity. The non-porous glass tape protection over these wires saves it from oxidation – making it perfect for areas with adverse environments, whether chemical or physical.

Whenever you decide to buy wires, always make sure that you approach a reputed manufacturer. Poor quality material will prove very costly to you in the long run.


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