Stranded Copper Wire – Ideally Suited For Routing Through Narrow Space


A wire is usually cylindrical in shape, is a single strand, and is made of metal. This strand of metal is usually flexible in nature. This flexibility may vary to different degrees. The wires are supposed to either bear mechanical loads or conduct electricity or convey signals for telecommunications.

Wire is an outcome of the property of ductility in metals. Wires are drawn out of the metal through holes of different diameters, in a draw plate or a die. A single strand of wire is bundled together to produce multi stranded wire, which is otherwise known as a wire rope, when used in mechanics, or a cable, when used in electricity.

A stranded wire is made from a bundle of small gauge wires. These wires are compressed and insulated together by some nonconductive material.


What is a Stranded Copper Wire?

A stranded copper wire is made of the metal, copper. Stranded copper wire is a cylindrical and flexible strand, made of copper. The thickness and the flexibility of the stranded copper wire may vary.

Stranded copper wires are used in making stranded copper cables by wrapping around multiple strands of stranded copper wires around each other. A stranded copper wire and a stranded copper cable is much more flexible and are ideally suited to be used in applications, which require flexibility, and may need to be reshaped frequently.

Uses and advantages of Stranded Copper Wire-

Stranded copper wires are of extreme use in areas where there is a need of routing the wire through tight and narrow spaces. Stranded copper wires are also of wonderful use where frequent vibrations are experienced, such as in cables of head phones, in wires connected to speakers, in connections to appliances those vibrate or in wires used in automobiles.

The benefits of stranded copper wires are-

  • Stranded copper wires are extremely flexible and can withstand flexing and vibrations to a greater degree.
  • Stranded copper wires are easy to be routed through narrow places.

Copper Laminated Flexible Connectorsideal for connecting bus bars.

A connector is generally used in a piping system. A connector is usually made or fabricated,of both non-metallic material and a mesh made of metal. Connectors are very useful in minimising the effects of transmission of vibrations, which are along the piping system. This can be very much visible in connections between pipes or a connection between a pipe and a pump. Connectors are also very useful in correcting any misalignment in the pipe.

The flexible connectors are those connectors which have flexibility. These flexible connectors provide flexibility to the piping systems. This flexibility in piping system helps to absorb vibrations and disturbances created by noise. This flexibility in piping system is extremely useful in compensating the growth or reduction in size due to thermal variations. This also allows movement of other piping elements within the piping system.

Copper laminated flexible connectors are made of, first making a stack of many foils of electrolytic copper. And then, a high voltage of electricity, under high pressure, is applied to the stack. Copper laminated flexible connectors are very valuable in connecting the bus bars, in various applications, as the copper laminated flexible connectors serve as expansion joints, which are flexible in nature.

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