The Intricate Uses of Bare Copper Wire

Bare copper wire is a frequently used wire in grounding. This type of wire has no protective coating hence the term “bare”. Being highly conducive it is commonly used in residential locations. It is versatile and be applied as a base in all types of cable and wire making it valuable for grounding properties. Since there is no protective coating, the bare copper has some of the best current-carrying properties.

Why bare copper is preferred

The bare copper wire is made in three forms:

  • Soft bare copper- it is widely used for bonding and grounding electrical circuits, transmissions, and systems.  Soft drawn bare copper is the most popular version and a widely used product. This type of copper is solid but soft enough to curve and bend around corners.
  • Hard drawn bare copper- Hard drawn copper comes with a coating that shields and strengthens it. It does not bend as easily as the soft drawn copper does. This, in some cases, is easier to deploy when the application isn’t bending around corners.
  • Stranded Bare Copper- This wire ensures superior strength, flexibility, and durability. With thin strands bundled together, the wire moves and bends easily.

Why is bare copper important?

Compared to other types of metal, the bare copper wire has excellent conductivity, is durable and more affordable. Without proper grounding wire, workers have difficulty to manage. Grounding the wire is vital for protection against any type of electrical shocks. Copper wires are safe against electric shocks. They are corrosion-resistant and can withstand high abuse.

Grounding allows easy transfer of electricity to the service panel. It also comes in as an additional path for the current to pass into the earth without endangering anybody working in close areas. The bare copper is the best electrical mechanism which does not change its magnetic and electrical application properties. Almost all the electric and electronic appliances in use at homes and commercial places have bare copper in use.

The bare copper wire has an impressive list of features that make it a preferred source for domestic as well as commercial use include

  1. The wires exist in natural form with 99 percent purity. They are manufactured from various naturally occurring resources. It does not require much energy and the wastage is bare minimum.
  2. The wire is safe to use as they do not vaporize or burn into toxic fumes. The emission of carbon spillage/ emission is very low making it a popular source in applications and applied in aeronautical, marine and other engineering industries.
  3. It can be recycled. The components do not fragment and they can be recoated to get an uplift and reused.

To ensure that you get the complete benefits of the amazing properties of copper and its various forms, you must buy it from reputed wire manufacturers. Since the usage is vast and in some cases, in critical applications, it is necessary that the wire is built with the highest quality raw material and tested several times before being put into use.


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