PVC Coated Wire – Having Multiple Advantages And Usages


Are you looking for PVC coated wire for your electric instrument manufacturing industry? Please look for Rajasthan Electric Industries, which is a manufacturing unit of PVC coated wire, that is operating in the current market for electric industry since the year 1959. The brand of Rajasthan Electric industries is BRITEX.

Rajasthan Electric industries is an ISO 9002 and ROHS certified company. It delivers high quality goods, those are produced with the help of a team of technically efficient personnel, who work in a challenging environment.

PVC Coated Copper wire is one of the prestige products, those are produced by Rajasthan Electric Industries.

pvc coated wire

Poly Vinyl Chloride Coated Copper Wire

The Poly Vinyl Coated Copper wire is extremely useful in making power transformers, electric motors, panel boards etc, as PVC coated copper wire is extensively used in the manufacturing of such electric instruments.

Poly Vinyl Coated Copper Wire is also very useful in controlling electrical distribution system. PVC coated copper wire is highly flexible and is absolutely safe for the user. PVC coated copper wire is shock proof and water proof. An export quality PVC Coated Copper wire is PVC Coated Stranded Copper wire.

This PVC coated copper wire is exclusively useful for use in rugged environments. These wires have high resistance to heat, and water, fluid and rough installations. These wires are anti-aging and provide longer service than any other type of wire. It reduces dissipation induced heat loss and is extremely energy efficient. Fire accidents are also controlled and prevented by these wires.

Poly Vinyl Chloride coated GI Wire

The utility of PVC coated GI wire has been proved beyond any doubt, to the users of GI wire. PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride coated wire has many advantages over the regular galvanised iron wire.

Galvanised Iron wire may have certain advantage over the regular iron wire, in terms of being water resistance to a given limitation and of having a better and longer life than electroplated iron wire. But Poly Vinyl Coated Galvanised Iron wires are not only fully water resistant, corrosion resistant, but also are fire retardant, providing excellent properties for better insulation.

The main use of Poly Vinyl Chloride coated Galvanised iron wire is mainly as a binding wire. It is also used for manufacturing of chain link fences, which are mostly used in tennis courts, in highways, etc.

How PVC coated wire is made?

PVC coated wires are industrially manufactured by using plastic extruders. This is used for coating PVC over the metal wire.

Copper Strips manufactured by Rajasthan Electric Industries

Copper Strips are used for use with requirements for different applications. The copper strips are available in number of different thicknesses and in different diameters, for this reason only.

These Copper strips are having many aspects, beneficial for the applications. These Copper strips are highly resistant to corrosion. These Copper Strips have excellent finish and accurate dimensions. These copper strips are also exceptionally strong. All these features make the copper strips ideal for meeting different requirements of various applications, which are used for various different purposes.

Rajasthan Electric Industries is manufacturing the best quality Copper Strips of all specifications, available at a competitive price.


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